Fumigation System

Bioglobal’s fumigation system is designed for post-harvest fumigation of  fruit, vegetables and equipment.  It is designed specifically for the application of ethyl formate - a safe, efficacious and natural fumigant for the control adult stages of certain insect pests.

The system provides a viable solution for current operators using Methyl Bromide and Phosphine.  The move away from these traditional fumigant chemicals has been driven by two key factors (i) A phase out of common fumigant methyl bromide from general use in 2005, and (ii)  high levels of phosphine resistance in several species of stored product insects collected from commercial and on-farm treatments in Australia.  This has necessitated the search for alternatives such as ethyl formate.  Bioglobal’s new delivery system provides an innovative way for the safe controlled release of ethyl formate fumigant.


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