LuciLureAn Attract and Kill trap product used by sheep farmers to reduce flystrike on sheep and to assist in the prevention of mulesing.   The product works by using the patented controlled release of strong-smelling blowfly attractants to break the lifecycle of sheep blowflies (Lucilia cuprina) by luring them into the LuciTrap®.  Once inside the LuciTrap the blowflies cannot escape and eventually die of dehydration or starvation.  No insecticides are required to kill the blowflies.

LuciLure Sheep Blowfly System is the ultimate in sheep blowfly management tools and comes with:

  • Purpose-designed trap for effective trapping of sheep blowflies
  • Long life lures (6 months)
  • Odour proof, corrosion proof packaging
  • Extended field life in hot areas (the collar)
  • Patented attractant technology that reduces costs of mustering, labour & chemicals and helps reduce residues on wool and pressure for insect-resistance.


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