Growth & Networks

Bioglobal’s future growth strategy is based on four key drivers:

  1. Geographic – Entry into new countries and new markets
  2. Innovation – The development of new active ingredients, delivery systems and manufacturing processes
  3. Collaborative – Establishing new alliances and partnerships with researchers, engineers, manufacturers and distributors
  4. Market – Meeting the demand for solutions to sustainable & renewable inputs, minimum pesticide residues, and no environmental pollution or degradation.

Excellent science is one thing, however we also place high value on delivering growth through effective and profitable products; development of products with global market appeal; forging collaborations with established marketing and distribution networks; and the creation, acquisition and commercialisation of intellectual property.

Bioglobal is constantly seeking intelligence on new pest and insect targets, new technology platforms, user-friendly products, and critical industry trends.  We place priority on the maintenance and continuous development of a worldwide network which can provide timely technology and market intelligence. This intelligence is crucial in establishing the most effective pathways for product development, and for navigating the unique market entry requirements of each country.  Key groups that form this network are:

  • Scientists, researchers and agronomists to articulate potential new generation technologies for future product development. In agriculture, these people are at the forefront of research for solutions to emerging problems, and provide most of the fundamental research on which Bioglobal can capitalise.
  • Government bodies which are charged with ensuring industries stay innovative, productive and competitive, and whose direct involvement with all levels of industry identifies future needs and gaps both strategic and functional.
  • Industry participants, such as distributors and grower-associations, who deal directly with the  and who can identify specific product and market needs and issues which can in turn create successful product opportunities.

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