BioAttractA broadacre sprayable insect bait product used by cotton, grain legume, wheat, maize, soya bean, tobacco and other cereal producers to manage noctuid moth infestations including adult Heliothis (Helicoverpa armigera and Helicoverpa punctigera) and Armyworms (Mythimna convecta, Persectania ewingii, Spodoptera exempta) and certain other adult moth pests.

The product works by using the patented controlled release formulation of strong-smelling attractants to attract target moths to the Bioattract bait which has been mixed with a low dose of fast-acting insecticide (sold seperately).   This product typically allows the use of only 1-2% of the amount of insecticides used in traditional pest management practice by drawing the moths to the source as an alternative to applying cover-spray over the entire crop.


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