Isomate C-TT

Isomate C-TTIsomate CTwinTube excels as a sole treatment against low populations of codling moth (Cydia pomenella) and is a powerful mating disruption tool in combination with a reduced insecticide program where populations are high or resistant to insecticides. In Australia, Isomate CTT is registered for use on apples and pears. 

Isomate CTT is completely harmless to non-target insects meaning more beneficials for the control of mites, aphids and other pests. Isomate CTT has the same benefits of consistent high output, quality and reliability as Isomate C-S, but is faster and easier to apply.

Isomate CTT is the ultimate in selective mating disruption tools and now comes with:

  • Fluoro fade-strap to indicate age and improve visibility in trees.
  • Added UV protection for better control.
  • Strap feature to allow easier application to trees – no more twisting!
  • 500 dispensers per pack for easier calculation.
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